Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea Drink (Bottled) 单眼佬凉茶(玻璃瓶装)
Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea Drink (Bottled) 单眼佬凉茶(玻璃瓶装) Herbal Tea in Bottle Malaysia, Perak, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Singapore Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Supply | WEN JIANG MEDICAL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD

*300ml per bottle

*24 bottles x 300ml per carton box
*每纸箱里有24瓶 x 300毫升


  • Made of the natural chinese herbs that blended into fine powder to improve smooth profile of tea.
  • Mixing the different type of herbs with traditional formulated recipies to improve effectiveness of herb functions.
  • Maintain the taste and quality of tea for a longer time with glass bottle packaging design and as a ready-to-drink non-carbonated beverage.
  • 由天然中草药制成,打混成细粉,以改善茶的顺滑口感。
  • 以传统配方来混合不同的草药,以提高草药的功效。
  • 采用玻璃瓶包装设计,可以长时间地保持茶的味道和质量,以及是一种即饮用非碳酸饮料。


  • Relieves heat due to work related pressure, sleep deprivation, poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles
  • Relieves flu, body heat, sore throat, minor stomach ache, quenches thirst
  • 清除由工作压力,睡眠不足,饮食不良和不健康的生活方式而产生的热气。
  • 缓解感冒,热气,喉咙痛,轻微的胃痛,止渴

Direction to use

  • Open the crown cap of bottle and drink directly.
  • Can be refrigenated to serve as cold drink.
  • 打开瓶盖,直接饮用。
  • 冷藏后,可当成冷饮来享用。

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