Tan Ngan Lo Chrysanthemum Drink (Bottled) 单眼佬菊花茶(玻璃瓶装)
Tan Ngan Lo Chrysanthemum Drink (Bottled) 单眼佬菊花茶(玻璃瓶装) Herbal Tea in Bottle Malaysia, Perak, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Singapore Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Supply | WEN JIANG MEDICAL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD

*300ml per bottle

*24 bottles x 300ml per carton box
*每纸箱里有24瓶 x 300毫升


  • Made of the natural chrysanthemum flowers that blended into fine powder to improve smooth profile of tea.
  • Has a floral aroma and sweet taste.
  • Maintain the taste and quality of tea for a longer time with glass bottle packaging design and as a  ready-to-drink non-carbonated beverage.
  • 由天然菊花制成,打混成细粉,以改善茶的顺滑口感。
  • 具有植物香气和甜味。
  • 采用玻璃瓶包装设计,可以长时间地保持茶的味道和质量,以及是一种即饮用非碳酸饮料。


  • Has calming effects which reduce the physical and mental stress.
  • As natural coolant to helps in lowering the temperature of the body.
  • 具有镇静作用,可减轻身心压力。
  • 作为天然冷却剂,有助于降低身体的温度。

Direction to use

  • Open the crown cap of bottle and drink directly.
  • Can be refrigenated to serve as cold drink.
  • 打开瓶盖,直接饮用。
  • 冷藏后,可当成冷饮来享用。

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