Da Yan Lao Herbal Tea (6 sachets) - 大眼佬凉茶(6小包)- 中国版
Da Yan Lao Herbal Tea (6 sachets) - 大眼佬凉茶(6小包)- 中国版 Herbal Tea in Bag Malaysia, Perak, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor Bahru (JB) Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Supply | WEN JIANG MEDICAL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD
 MAL 19950944T

*6 sachets x 6g per paper box
*每纸盒有6小包 x 6克

*20 paper box x 6 sachets x 6g per bag
*每大包有20盒 x 2小包 x 6克

*5 bag x 20 paper box x 6 sachets x 6g per carton box
*每纸箱里有5大包 x 20盒 x 2小包 x 6克


  • Made of the natural chinese herbs that blended into fine powder to improve smooth profile of tea.
  • Mixing the different type of herbs with traditional formulated recipies to improve effectiveness of herb functions.
  • Easy to carry and travel with convenient tea bag packaging design.
  • 由天然中草药制成,打混成细粉,以改善茶的顺滑口感。
  • 以传统配方来混合不同的草药,以提高草药的功效。
  • 采用茶包包装设计,便于携带和旅行。


  • Relieves heat due to work related pressure, sleep deprivation, poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles
  • Relieves flu, body heat, sore throat, minor stomach ache, quenches thirst
  • 清除由工作压力,睡眠不足,饮食不良和不健康的生活方式而产生的热气。
  • 缓解感冒,热气,喉咙痛,轻微的胃痛,止渴

Direction to use

  • Remove teabag from sachet.
  • Pull the string out of tea bag.
  • Pour 300ml hot water into a cup.
  • Brew the tea bag into hot water before serve.
  • 从小包中取出茶包。
  • 拉出棉线。
  • 将300毫升的热水倒进水杯里。
  • 在享用前,将茶包浸入热水中。

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